Today Prada SS11 Espadrilles. Instagram: Jeynoir

selling this jacket! hit me up fast! 


Neil Barrett S/S15 // Kim Sang Woo 

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I never learn. (by Julian Sebastian)
F R E E (by Blake Hardy)
Summerwine (by RA ☥)
Flashback Friday 1.0 (by Connoisseur Christian)#art #black #gothninja
The Swede (by Marcel Floruss)

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Suit up or die (by Alexander)
Golden Hour  (by Connoisseur Christian)#summer #topman #hm #sebago
Peschici (by Simone Munari)
Blood, Sweat, Tears  (by Joel Mcloughlin)
Chandelier (by Joel Mcloughlin)
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